At Farmgate Stockfeeds, our goal is to ensure you get the perfect nutrition combination to ensure your herd’s productivity and your business goals. Read on to find out more about the products we supply. Contact us for a very competitive price on all grains and protein meals.

Farmgate Stockfeeds offers its clients a personalised service that tailors feed programs exactly to their needs. No two dairy operations are the same so we work closely with our customers to bring them the perfect combination of expert resources and product performance.

Our customer commitment includes a follow-up review service to ensure your custom mix is performing to your standards, with our dairy nutrition adviser keeping a close eye on the needs of your herd with your business goals in mind.

Our commitment to you and your continued productivity is absolute – we don’t waver in our philosophy of continually improving your bottom line.

Dairy Rations

Deciding on the best supplement to feed your dairy herd is one of the most important decisions a farmer will make. The correct ration can significantly improve productivity and improve the profitability of your dairy enterprise. Farmgate Stockfeeds provides specially selected high-grade specification cereal grains, lupins, canola and corn, all milled to produce superior palatable blends readily digested to maximise the nutritional requirements of your herd.


One of our specialties is the custom manufacture of premixes that can be blended with grain on farm. Our nutritional and technical team will produce your pre-mix to your exact specifications, working with nutritionists and veterinarians to ensure the product is exactly what you need. This ensures your stock are fed effectively and to your consultant’s specifications. We also design pre-mixes that can be used with any grain you may use.


Farmgate Stockfeeds stocks the complete range of vitamins, minerals, additives, rumen modifiers and probiotics to complement your feed ration. Our technical and nutritional team constantly review the additives available so as to offer you the best range. This guarantees your ration is supplemented perfectly, and ensures the optimum health of your herd. The right additives can complement the health and nutritional needs of your herd, and add much more return on your investment.

Calf Starter Meal

Our Calf Starter Meal is a high protein blend of cereal grains and legumes suitable for young calves on milk. Lucerne, vitamins and minerals are blended with our Calf Starter Meal to promote early consumption of feed, growth and development of your calves.

Calf Grower Meal

Farmgate Stockfeeds’ Calf Grower Meal benefits calves, especially those up to two months of age. A balanced blend of 18% crude protein and 12.5 MJ of energy with vitamins and minerals ensures an optimal growth rate will be achieved at this crucial stage in the calf’s life.

Heifer Mix

Weaned calves on paddock feed can be a real challenge – there are stages when growing calves simply need to grow into their frames and fill out. Maximising growth rates and live-weight gains is essential to the efficiency and productivity of the cow, and Farmgate Stockfeeds’ Heifer Mix is designed especially to maintain optimum growth rates for weaned paddock heifers.

Lead Feeds

Lead Feeding is arguably the most important nutritional program that can be undertaken in a dairy management practice. Lead Feeding three weeks prior to calving minimises the risk of milk fever and other metabolic diseases, improves milk flow in the lactation, reduces displaced abomasum and retained foetal membranes, and reduces the risk of associated metabolic disease. Improved ovulation and conception rates are also an important feature of a correct Lead Feed program. Farmgate Stockfeeds is constantly researching transition diets and offer the very best technology to ensure our Lead Feed products are state of the art.

Whole Grains

We also offer a competitively priced direct whole grains service, which still complies with our quality standards. Unloading can be done via bulk tip, blower pipe or auger (supplied by the customer). Special orders can also be sourced or freighted if possible.

Lamb Finishing Range

Lamb Finisher 16%
  • A high quality blend of cereal grains and legumes that can be purchased crushed or whole. The ration has vitamins and minerals, including buffers ( Acid BufTM), rumen modifiers (Bovatec ®) and urine acidifier, for control of urinary calculi. Eskalin® can be added.
  • A free flowing mix that can be auger or feed through troughs, lick feeders or self-feeders.
Lamb Promix
  • A concentrated mix of legumes, vitamins and minerals, including buffers ( Acid BufTM), rumen modifiers (Bovatec ®) and urine acidifier, for control of urinary calculi. Eskalin® can be added.
  • Add Farmgate lamb promix to your whole cereal grains to provide an ideal ration for growing and or finishing lambs

Beef Finishing Range

Beef Grower
A balanced ration consisting of cereal grains & canola meal, including a macro mineral package, buffers & monensin.
Farmgate Beef Grower is formulated for growing young cattle and finishing animals when pasture is not available.
Beef Finisher
A high energy, barley based crushed grain mix which includes canola meal, macro minerals and monensin for feed efficiency and bloat control. Contains molasses for palatability
Farmgate Beef Finisher is specially formulated to improve cover on animals close to sale